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Putting this here for anyone who has been encountering the endless difficulties attendant upon talking to British people.

I bet you did not realise there was this much British slang.

crumbsinterj general expression of surprise. Much akin to “God,” or “bloody hell” in that context. It’s quite all right to use in polite company, though perhaps a little antiquated. More likely to be heard in a context like: Crumbs, that’s more expensive than Harrods rather than: Crumbs, I just dropped the smack out the window.’

twat1 n female genitalia. Not to be used in overly-polite company. The word, I mean. 2 v thump; hit: I don’t remember anything after the boom swung around and I got twatted. 3 n idiot. Generally directed at blokes. A suitably confusing example would read “some twat in the pub accused me of having been near his bird’s twat, so I twatted him.”’

knobalso occasionally “nob” 1 n penis. As well as referring to the part of the body, it can be used as an insult. 2 v screw; bone. This implies active use of said penis and is similar to “shag.” This word appears regularly in American place names, much to the amusement of Brits. Two British favourites are Bald Knob, Arkansas and Knob Lick, Missouri.’

Things I miss about the Who and HP fandoms: getting to use English slang. Things I don’t miss about those fandoms: endless UK vs US bickering over anyone anywhere using ‘telly’, ‘brolly’, ‘guv’, ‘veg’, ‘car park’, and ‘mobile’. 

Things you will find unrepentantly kiwi-flavoured urbanAnchorite quietly sneaking into Hemostuck when I’m not watching: ‘colour’. 

People love to pull that “it’s just a word” bullshit, don’t they? usually white cis hetero dudes who don’t have “just a word” to dehumanize them. it completely takes things out of context, it’s like saying “a stabwound is just a object making contact with your cells, causing a sensory reaction, so why are you complaining about it?”

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THIS. There’s a movement at my college right now to pass a thing in the campus constitution banning hateful speech in the classroom. Literally in the classroom, not even around campus — you’re able to be reported for it by anyone who hears you using slurs relating to race, gender identity, etc. And predictably, my cis white hetero classmates find this a fucking hilarious proposition. Slurs are just words! Except when they’re interfering with my ability to function academically or even just live without a constant state of fear at an institution where we’re all theoretically intellectual equals participating toward the same goals. But hey, man, just words.

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Verbal abuse and psychological abuse are really serious but ignored, people that say that words are just words are the first to invalidated a victim of abuse that isn’t physical. Words are more than just words.

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When people start screeching about how “it’s just a word”, I’m just like… if it’s just a word, then why are you putting up such a fuss about being asked to cut it from your vocabulary? There are lots of words you can use that aren’t oppressive. You’re being asked to give up a word. A word. A word that’s, in your words, “just a word”. And because someone has the ~audacity~ to tell you that a word you’re using is oppressive, you decide instead to start yelling about censorship and freedom of speech… all because your “right” to use slurs is more important to you than the people you’re oppressing by using said slurs.Idgi.

[using “you” in the generic sense btw.]

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