don't bog me down, son

I have the feeling that all the Ravenclaws got bored of Pottermore.

I’m laughing at posts I see about people freaking out over how long their wands are on Pottermore


my wand is 14 1/2 inches

I’m not even kidding


I’d like to bring this back. My friend and I want to see if there’s any sort of relationship between Hogwarts houses and personality types (we’re using Myers-Briggs for this).

If you’d like to participate, just reblog or reply to this post (or message me) with your House and type.

For houses- if you were sorted on Pottermore, I’d prefer if you used that result. If you aren’t on Pottermore, or really really don’t think that test matched you with the right house, just put the house you feel you fit in best with.

For Myers-Briggs types- if you don’t already know your Myers-Briggs type, this site is really helpful in determining which of the sixteen types best fits you. It isn’t a personality quiz, it just has information about the different elements that make up the types.

Thanks so much!

(Note- this is for our own personal nerdly enjoyment, not for Official Science or anything. When we put the data in the spreadsheet, we do not enter your username or any other identifying information- just the house and type.)

Ravenclaw, ISTJ but sometimes INTJ?


Those muggles!

Pottermore Quiz

Pottermore name: 


What Hogwarts House do you think it SOUNDS like:

Ravenclaw, I suppose.

What Hogwarts House do you WANT to be in:

I’d like to be in Slytherin because it is my “self-proclaimed house” and I don’t think that I’d fit in any of the others. But that’s an extremely long essay/rant-thing on my views of the houses that I don’t feel like writing out right now.

Does the username relate to you at all (why/why not):

I love birds and often end up collecting feathers wherever I go. Basically if there’s a feather somewhere, I’ll find it.

I’m often fascinated by dreams and the meanings behind them and blah blah blah.

What kind of wand would you wish to get:

Around 13 inches long with a light colored wood, possibly birch and if there’s no possibility for a thestral hair core, then it’d have a unicorn hair for the core. Also, it’d be almost perfectly straight with perhaps a few carvings of swirls, stars, and feathers or something.

Pure Blood/Half Blood/Muggle Born:

If I really had to choose, pure blood. But blood status holds little meaning for me.

Which day 1-7 did you get into Pottermore:


Cat, Rat, Owl, or Toad?:

I’d prefer a cat, but I love owls and it’d be awesome to own one.

Expecto Patronum! What is your patronus shape and why?:

Maybe a fisher cat/fisher. They’re odd creatures and can be very frightening. I have too many answers for this question.

Oh no! You’ve found a boggart! What does it look like?:

Probably some variation of a spider or a possessed mirror.

Riddikulus! Now what does it look like?:

The spider would be squashed, the mirror would be painted over or crushed into dust. I’m not too creative right now.

Would you rather be an Animagus or a Metamorphmagus and why?:

Being a Metamorphmagus would be so cool. Perfect for disguises and changing your hair whenever you feel like it!

If you taught yourself to be an Animagus, what animal would best suit you and why?:

I figure that I’d either be a cat or a bird of some sort. Maybe a Hooded Crow.

A cat because I like sneaking around, climbing, and being able to hide or get into just about anywhere. A crow because flying would be cool.

3 more days until we can see how to get into Pottermore early!!!

Online Hogwarts + Tumblr = Goodbye decent education






Goodbye social life. 

Goodbye sleep.

Goodbye life.

Goodbye everything.